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My Expertise and services offered . . . 

I have more than 40 years of combined experience in journalism, public relations, entertainment, marketing, law, banking, government, politics, recruiting, networking, social media, and consulting.
Creative strategies

I first learned about creativity and strategies for success in kindergarten. Since then, I have continued to learn. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from a major university that required all students to think outside the box to solve problems using creative strategies. I have continued my education since graduation from college by taking courses and seminars and reading extensively about creativity, strategy, problem solving, negotiation, and counseling to help others to do the same.

Social media creation and management

I have used social media extensively for more than 10 years, beginning with Facebook in 2007 and Twitter in 2008, and continuing with LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Periscope, and even Snapchat during the past 10 years. I post daily to my own social media accounts, and I manage Facebook and Twitter accounts for several nonprofit organizations. I know how to write, edit, and add photos and video for different social media platforms based on the format, text and media limitations, and target audiences, and I can help any individual, business, nonprofit, political candidate, or governmental official learn how to more effectively use social media to share their own message and motivate action.


Writing and editing

I have a college degree in journalism, and I have earned awards for writing and reporting. I also have more than 40 years of professional writing experience as a reporter, editor, local publicist, public relations specialist, news manager, and lawyer. I also have more than 30 years of experience as a volunteer and board member in the non-profit sector, and more than 40 years of experience in politics, starting as a Congressional Intern and continuing as a campaign volunteer and staff member on dozens of political campaigns.

Event planning, marketing, and execution

I have done event planning, marketing, and execution of business meetings and special events for more than 20 years, both in my own entertainment and marketing business and as a member of nearly a dozen nonprofit organizations. I even planned my own wedding and reception! I know how to plan, market, and execute regular and special events of all sizes, from small meetings and conferences to large events, conventions or show, private events with world-renowned professional magicians and other entertainers, and even magic conventions which attracted hundreds of magicians, other entertainers, and guests, so I definitely know how to create, promote, and make an event successful.

Public relations/ media

I have more than 20 years of experience in interacting with the public and with the media from the other side, first as a Congressional Intern and later as a public relations specialist, entertainer and marketing strategist, and as a television news manager, where I received press releases and media pitches daily. I continue to deal with the media as a creative strategist to help my clients to obtain favorable coverage in not only traditional media but also social and emerging media.

Consulting services

I have worked as a print and broadcast journalist, public relations specialist, writer, editor, sports writer, photographer, entertainer, marketing specialist, lawyer, banker, athletic recruiter, educational and college search consultant, and strategist. I also have served as a volunteer, committee member, board member, and officer of nearly a dozen nonprofit organizations and as the presiding officer (President or Chairman) of six nonprofit boards. So I have a broad familiarity with how different organizations operate - and how they should not - from direct, first-hand experience, not just theory. I think my education, experience, and resulting skill set is unique, and I want to use it to help YOU to be more successful.


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